It is important to make sure your facility is always easily accessible by land for any purpose. Logistic, personnel and equipment transportation, product delivery, up to emergency evacuation, all need smooth road access. Since road access is a vital infrastructure, we maintain your accessibility by providing road maintenance and earth moving equipment such as Bulldozers, Excavators, Motor Grader, Vibro Compactor, supported by Dump Truck/Hauler. We fully understand that most of our client’s facilities are located in remote areas. That’s why our road maintenance team is a combination of both technical skilled and harsh environment survival skilled personnel.

Our Services

  • Repair/Upgrade of existing Road and Bridges
  • Construction of New Access Road and Bridges
  • Maintenance of Access Road
  • EarthWork

Equipment Type

  • Road
  • Bridges
  • Ditches
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Maintenace & Operation Services - 12 years
Technical Fields Services - 10 years
Heavy Equipment Rental - 7 years

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