The use of electric power, and electrical equipment is very common in modern industry. Usually it comes with instrument as equipment control system. It is very important to keep that equipment reliable, along with their instruments, to ensure their safe use, accurate parameters, and optimum performance. Electrical and instrument maintenance covers electrical systems inspection, testing, monitoring, replacing all electrical parts as needed, regulating and maintaining measurement systems to keep systems and machines working properly. They are also responsible for electronic and pneumatic process control systems and safety system

Depriwangga operation and maintenance

Service Speciality

  • MCC and Circuit Breaker Inspection and Maintenance
  • Instrument calibration
  • Test, Adjust and Check HVAC Unit
  • Electric Motor Repair

Equipment Type

  • Transformer 
  • Motor Generator 
  • Air conditioning system
  • Control Panel
  • Lightning protection system 



Maintenace & Operation Services - 12 years
Technical Fields Services - 10 years
Heavy Equipment Rental - 7 years

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