Production facilities, from upstream to downstream, consist of various types of construction and materials. Sometimes it needs modification, improvement, or repair based on its specific purpose. Following those requirements, our construction and fabrication teams bring first-class solutions to our clients, to make their facility always in peak efficiency.
From the engineering stage through construction or fabrication, we deliver the service in a timely manner, efficient, safe, and reliable. Our construction and fabrication team strength points are brilliant engineers, experienced field technicians, i.e.: Foreman, Welders and Fitters, and complete sets of tools and equipments

Electrical & Instrument

  • Work Medium Voltage Electricity Distribution Network Maintenance
  • Medium voltage power distribution maintenance
  • Control and Instrumentation Installation and Maintenance
  • Building and Factory Electrical Installation and Maintenance
  • Other Electrical Installations Including Maintenance
  • Installation Air Conditional (AC) Including Maintenance
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Company Profile


Maintenace & Operation Services - 12 years
Technical Fields Services - 10 years
Heavy Equipment Rental - 7 years

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