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About Our Company

PT Depriwangga OM is Indonesian Owned Service Company, specialized in Operation and Maintenance service including Plant Maintenance, Facility Management, Operation Support, Operation Readiness, Crane Services, Preventive and Corrective Maintenance with Safety Oriented Operations Excellense.

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We have a strong and enduring commitment to diversity and we work to ensure this is demonstrated through our workforce.


Various forms of communication and engaging social interactions can build an environment of respect for employees.


Communication and transparency across all levels of management will bring a high level of engagement and strong professional relationship between leader and employees .


We always consistent with the company’s strong professional standards and ethics.

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Industry Experience

We are indonesian local service company with many maintenance & lifting operation services experience

Brilliant Team

Synergistic and well-organized relationships within the team provide the best results for customer satisfaction and sustainable services

Creative & Professional

Qualified, certified and multi-talented personnel to operate and maintain appropriate equipment.

Safe and Responsible

Work in a safe procedures and responsible to environment

100% Result Commitment & Integrity

Give a strong commitment, immediate respond, and maintain long term professional relationship with clients.


Indonesian local service companies that meet industry experience.
Provide qualified personnel and certified equipment.
Oriented customer satisfaction by improving our service continuously.
Work in a safe procedures and responsible with the environment.
Give a strong commitment, immediate respond, and maintain long term professional relationship with clients.


HSE Campaign di Taman cilandak 2017

Peringatan hari HIV AIDS Sedunia

HSE Reward PT Depriwangga OM

HSE reward for 150.000 Manhours without LTI Therefore Project Provision of Maintenance Support Services for CPF and FSO ExxonMobil Cepu Ltd. Pic : Reward Exxon

Bulan K3 Nasional Tahun 2015 – Uji Emisi

Dalam rangka bulan K3 Nasional Tahun 2015 PT. Depriwangga OM mengadakan uji emisi kendaraan roda empat pada tanggal 4 Februari2015 bagi seluruh karyawan maupun kendaraan operasional dari PT. Depriwangga OM.

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Our Activities

activities are part of continuous integration. So we always keep it as our strength with clients,partners and the surrounding community